Jason Kopp, dierctor of marketing for Tea Leaves Health, has fifteen+ years of experience in graphic design. In those years, he has worked with a variety of clients ranging from bankers and healthcare professionals, to boutique owners. Jason started his career as a designer for a print shop/design house. There he learned both the basics and nuances of what it takes to create good design. After that, he began working for an advertising agency that focused on financial marketing with the occasional opportunity in book jacket design. For the last eleven years, he has co-owned a full-service advertising agency rooted in the deep south of Alabama. Jason has worked directly with over forty clients, developing their own unique brands and implementing those brands through the clients' marketing strategies. Jason is proficient in Adobe creative software as well as Dreamweaver, Quark with a working knowledge of Flash. He believes that a great design should tell the targeted market everything they need to know at first glance, enticing them to want to learn more. It should speak to them on the most basic level, while adding something unique to make people remember the purpose of the piece. Jason lives for a challenge, an opportunity to do and create something new. While he is easy-going, Jason is a hard-working, passionate, and motivated individual who focuses on getting the job done right and on time.

Jason's greatest satisfaction as a graphic design professional comes from seeing the joy his work brings to the client and the success it has in the market. On a personal level, his greatest joy comes from his family: his wife Kristy, and his two children, Brooks and Sydney.


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Jason M. Kopp